Kerry Candles is now a part of CM Almy!

In 2005, when Kerry Candle’s founder retired, he sold Kerry Candles
to CM Almy. In 2007, Kerry was merged into Almy and its collection of fine products now appears in the Almy catalog and website. We continue to offer Kerry Liquid, Liquid Candles and fine brass appointments for the church.

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Almy proudly offers Kerry Liquid Candle Fuel

No wax . . . no mess . . . no worries!
So superior, we have kept the Kerry name!

Kerry developed the original liquid fuel for church candles in 1982 and refined the formula over the next twenty-three years. During that time, many companies attempted to copy Kerry Liquid, including Almy. When we bought Kerry Candles in 2005, we discovered just how superior Kerry Liquid really was. We have faithfully replicated, and even improved, the Kerry formula and its Quad-Filtering process to produce the cleanest, longest burning candle fuel anywhere. To honor the original, we still call it Kerry Liquid.

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Is Almy’s Kerry Liquid the same as before, when Kerry made it?

It is better! Technology improvements in recent years have yielded a cleaner and slower-burning formula for Kerry Liquid. And, of course, we have retained Kerry’s exclusive Quad-Filter process to insure that you receive a candle fuel that is smokeless, odorless and long lasting. We also supply it in the same packages that Kerry provided: disposable 20-hour and 70-hour canisters for the original Kerry canister candles; and economical 210-hour and 2500-hour containers for refillable candles. We guarantee you’ll be happy with our improved Kerry Liquid. Click here to order online, or call us at 1-800-225-2569.

Can Almy supply candles to match our old Kerry Candles?

We continue to produce Kerry’s refillable liquid candles in our own shop in Pittsfield, Maine, USA. Kerry’s nylon and brass top candles are in stock in a large selection of sizes, complete with free adapters to insure they’ll fit perfectly in your candlesticks, torches or candelabra. Because we make the candles in our own shop we are also able to provide custom sizes and options. All of Kerry’s customer orders since 2000 are in our computers so our customer service representatives and account managers can easily help you order candles that match those you already have. Best of all, our production efficiencies have made it possible to reduce the price of most liquid candles since the time when Kerry made them. We honor Kerry’s lifetime guarantee on the candles they sold, and we also guarantee the candles we make when they are burned with Kerry Liquid fuel. Click here to order online, or call us at 1-800-225-2569.

What about matching my Kerry Canister Candles?

Though we continue to provide disposable canisters of Kerry Liquid fuel, we do not make new canister-style candles. This is because virtually all customers appreciate the advantages of refillable candles. Refillable candles can be made in dimensions more similar to traditional wax candles so they are more attractive and can fit more easily in your existing candle holders. And they are far less wasteful and so less expensive to operate: Kerry Liquid in 210-hr or 2500-hr containers is ½ to ¼ as expensive as it is in disposable canisters. Customers who are looking for new canister candles are very happy with the switch to refillable candles. Click here to see our large selection of refillable candles or call us at 1-800-225-2569.

Can Almy supply replacement wicks for our Kerry Candles?

Yes! For customers who purchase Kerry Liquid from us we provide free replacement wicks. Click here to order Kerry Liquid and free wicks, or call us at 1-800-225-2569.

I am looking for information about how to care for and clean my candles. Can Almy help me?

We are happy to help. Click here to download a colorful 4-page brochure on How to Set-up and Care for Liquid Candles. We also stock a kit of supplies that make cleaning your candles and breeze. And don’t hesitate to call to talk to one of our knowledgeable and friendly account managers or customer service representatives, toll free 1-800-225-2569.

We have never done business with CM Almy.
Can you tell me more about the company?

CM Almy was founded in 1892 and is in its fifth generation of family ownership and management. It is our mission to design furnishings that will grace your worship, to insure their value by making them with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, and to treat our customers as long time friends. We design and make virtually all of our products in our Maine shop. We provide a complete line of vestments, clerical apparel, choir robes, candles, communion bread, linens, processional and altar appointments and communion vessels. Most items are in stock for QuikShip delivery. All orders are backed by the Almy Guarantee. To learn more about CM Almy, click here or call us at 1-800-225-2569.

We look forward to serving you!

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